NIDDAH, A rite-de-passage and interactive installation on shame, purity and female bodily juices.
”niddah” is hebrew, and the word used in the old testament to denote a menstruating woman, or a woman in her 40 days of ritual impurity after childbirth.
TINTOMARA ON THE TREE, A reimagination of the religious story of the dying/crucified god-goddess, filtered through Carl Jonas Love Almqvist’s Swedish classic about the semi-ritual sacrifice of an attractive transgender youth.
DOLLHOUSE, WORKHOUSE, A reimagining of Ibsen’s time and classic play in shape of a locked-room game, contrasted with the experiences of women not of Nora’s class, conscripted to the ”voluntary” workhouses in 19-20th century Sweden.
MÖRKRIKE (DARK LAND), A participatory play about authoritarianism, oppression, the importance of narratives and of claiming a speaking and singing voice.
HAMLET’S SHAKESPEARE OR WHAT YOU WILL, A newly minted black comedy – or sarcastic tragedy – about a prince who cannot stop writing and a playwright who has no money. Premieered at Lund Comedy Festival.